PIONEER DJ HC-CA0501 Coiled Cable for HDJ-X10 Headphones


Key Features
  • Coiled Cable Length: 3.9′
  • Extended Cable Length: 9.8′
  • Mini-XLR Connector for HDJ-X10
  • Gold-Plated Stereo Jack: L-Type 1/8″
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The Pioneer DJ HC-CA0501 is a coiled replacement cable designed for the Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones. The coiled cable is 3.9′ long and extends to 9.8′. The cable features a mini-XLR connector to connect to your HDJ-X10 headphones, while a right-angle 1/8″ gold-plated stereo jack allows for easy connection to any compatible device.

  • Coiled cable for Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones
  • Independent ground wire
  • 4-core twisted cable structure offers solid channel separation and improved sound quality
  • Cable Length: 3.9′
  • Mini-XLR connector
  • Right-angle 1/8″ gold-plated stereo jack


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