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AV Junction thanks you and values your purchase with us. This section describes AV Junction’s policies on payments received from customers and returns to customers for products or services ordered.

Acceptable methods of Payment

Presently payment methods available with AV Junction  are through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking and other payment gateways. As and when other methods will be incorporated, the same would be updated here as well. Your Credit/Debit card information remains private and confidential. You will have to enter your 16 digit Credit/Debit card number and the 3 digit CVV (Card Verification Value) code which is at the back of your card and complete the payment.

What is the liability of payment gateway when there is failure of payment online?

The payment gateway is not liable; except provided in the agreement of a particular payment gateway, for any loss occurring, including negligence arising from customer’s failure to adequately integrate or activate the merchant account, fraudulent transactions processed through customer’s payment gateway account. Or even the disruptions experienced in the transactions including DDOS attacks, software virus, Trojans, worms, bombs or any other unscrupulous means or the limitation of any hardware used to process the payment request. It’s important to mention that in any case of failure of payment while making a purchase of an item, the merchant bears no liability whatsoever.

The Third party products and services

The payment gateway is also not liable for any third party products and services; unless expressly mentioned in the agreement. Also it has no liability in case of fraud involved in utilizing the third party products and services.


The payment gateways shall indemnify, hold the customer, or any of the customer’s officer harmless from any third party claims, actions, proceedings and suits. (Including the attorney’s fees and litigation charges. However these services do not apply in the following cases: –

  1. if the transaction agreement have been modified by parties other than the payment gateway.
  2. If the transaction services are used in conjecture with data, wherein the use of such data signifies infringement claim.
  3. Customer’s failure to adequately install the patches or update the software’s relevant to the payment gateway as provided by the particular payment gateway.
  4. If the customer uses the payment gateway in a way that is inconsistent or against the service documentation.

Customer’s use of the payment services on a platform, hardware not authorized by the payment gateway.

Customer’s warranty

In addition to all the mutual warranties enclosed in the agreement, the gateway also provides warranty to the customer. Each party warrants the other party that it has the essential rights and power to execute the agreement and perform the obligations therein. Also that no authorization from a third party is required.

Liability in case of Identity Theft

The question of liability is also decided on the fact whether the customer is using a Card Present or a (Card not Present) (CNP) transaction.

If the transaction is a card present transaction, (It is verified if it satisfies the following conditions) –

  • both the merchant and the customer are following EMV protocols (which means that the customer is using an EMV compliant credit card and the merchant accepts the payment from the customer via an EMV compliant terminal) and the customer has used a PIN as a method of verification
  • or, in a non-EMV compliant transaction, the customer has showed the merchant  his ID or the signature provided have matched the signature on the ID

In that case, the merchant will be protected from the chargeback. In this kind identity theft, the issuer is the party on which the liability will fall upon.

Whereas, In a card not present (CNP) transaction, if the merchant supports 3D Secure in his or her e-commerce, the merchant will not be held liable in any cases of identity theft.

In spite of all these concerns, Payment gateways still prove extremely important for e-commerce. Though it is quite possible to connect direct to a processor but working with a payment gateway often gives more added values. That gives you advanced levels of security; innovation, flexibility and you do not have to be PCI complaint. When you choose the right payment gateway, you shall have the entire control over the payment method and the mode of payment and the process therein. Hence, In case of Failure of payment, the payment gateway may not always assume liability as discussed above, it depends on case to case, it definitely is a more secure option that directly processing of payments.