RODE (TF5-MP) Cardioid Condenser Microphones with Stereo Mount (Black, Matched Pair)


Created in collaboration with the venerable classical producer/engineer Tony Faulkner, the black Rode TF-5 MP is a matched pair of small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones optimized for sonic transparency, accurate stereo imaging, and unobtrusive placement. Whether you record orchestral instruments, piano, acoustic guitar, percussion, or drums, the TF-5 MP can reproduce the varying timbre and dynamic range of your source with exactness.



The precision-engineered capsule of each microphone employs a cardioid polar pattern to enhance directionality and reduce ambience. Thanks in part to the JFET active electronics, the microphones are able to handle high SPLs up to 120 dB while delivering a wide, flat frequency response with low noise. Being 48V phantom powered, the mics aren’t subject to performance degradation caused by drained batteries.

Attach both TF-5 mics to a single mic stand via the supplied mic clips and SB20 stereo bar, which features angle/measurement indicators for ORTF and X/Y configurations. The compact, lightweight mic housings ensure a balanced setup with a variety of mic stands from compact to heavy duty. Windscreens are included to reduce noise from wind or HVAC systems.

Key Features
  • Matched Pair for Accurate Stereo Imaging
  • Optimized for Sonic Transparency
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern Reduces Ambience
  • Precision Small-Diaphragm Capsule Design
  • Wide, Flat Frequency Response
  • Low Noise, High SPL Handling
  • 48V Phantom Powered
  • Compact, Lightweight Housing
  • Includes SB20 Stereo Bar for Easy Setup
  • Includes Mic Clips and Windscreens


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