PIONEER Pro Audio 10″ CM-510ST-K Kelton Method Flyable Subwoofer (Black)


Drawing on our club loudspeaker manufacturing heritage, the Kelton-configured CM-510ST subwoofer produce premium-quality audio. Available in black or white, these new units are perfect for discreet installation in a variety of spaces where reliability is crucial.

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These affordable and adaptable new arrivals in the CM Series include a host of features including transformer taps – ideal if you need a professional and adaptable fixed installation solution.

Rich, punchy bass with low distortion

Using the Kelton method*, the CM-510ST filters out unwanted mid and high-range   frequencies and includes our newly developed Vortex Bass Accelerator technology to deliver pure, smooth bass with a quick response.

* The Kelton method extracts bass sound from a speaker by acoustically cutting out mid-to-high-range sounds. This is achieved by emitting the sound from a duct in a chassis sealed to the front and back of the unit.

Flexible 8 ohms impedance

An impedance of 8 ohms gives high and low impedance options. Deploy two subwoofers on one-amp channel, dropping the impedance to 4 ohms, and create a perfect solution for a single-amp installation.

Compact cabinet with floor and wall mounting options

Even though it produces a large, rich bass sound, the technology inside the CM-510ST is packed into a 50-litre box that saves space and fits discreetly into any location. Useful M8 holes make it easy to position the sub wherever you want. Fix it to the floor, wall or ceiling in the location that best suits the installation and sound coverage.


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