JBL Pro SoundBar PSB-1


Key Features:
Full-range stereo sound without the need
for a subwoofer
Application-specific features for
guestrooms and staterooms
Fixed/variable source volume modes
IR learning for use with any remote
Neutral room décor aesthetic
Volume limiting
Lockout plate prevents tampering
Internal, universal power supply for global
installations, no “wall worts”
Securely mounts to wall/table to prevent
theft or drifting on cruise ships
Mounting hardware, audio cables, cable
adapters, and remote included
Auto standby for reduced energy usage
Non-absorbent materials for easy cleaning

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The PSB-1 high-fidelity, professional
active soundbar is designed specifically
for use in hotel guestrooms and cruise
ship staterooms. Targeting these unique
applications, the JBL Pro SoundBar
PSB-1 reduces the cost and complexity
found in consumer-grade soundbars while
providing excellent sound quality, security,
and reliability.

The all-in-one design provides full-range
sound without the need for a separate
subwoofer and a 4-position volume
limiting switch to control maximum
volume output.
The Pro SoundBar supports both fixed
and variable source volumes. Whether
the volume is controlled directly or at
the TV, the Pro SoundBar supports with
a single remote to control the entire
system through IR learning. In fixed
volume scenarios, the Pro SoundBar can
“learn” the volume up and down controls,
allowing guests to use a television remote
to adjust the entire system without the
need to use a smart remote. And to
prevent guests tampering with volume
controls and volume source selection, a
lockout plate is included.


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