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AKG HT4500 BD2

Original price was: ₹51,199.00.Current price is: ₹47,800.00.

The HT-4500 is an analog reference wireless handheld transmitter that connects to a choice of four different microphones to cover a wide range of applications. The unique dipole-antenna design ensures reliable transmission even when one pole of the antenna is covered completely by the user’s hand. The pilot tone continuously sends transmitter data, including mute switch position and remaining battery life to the receiver. The HT4500 offers an extended battery lifetime of 15 hours with two standard AA alkaline batteries. With integrated charging contacts, the optional BP4000 battery pack can be charged inside the transmitter. The readout of its exact battery life in hours is a valuable advantage in wireless applications


HT4500 Reference Wireless Handheld Transmitter BD2