BENQ X3000I – 3000 Lumens Home Cinema 4K HDR DLP Projector




Home Cinema Redefined

Unprecedented combination of cinematic images with 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage and HDR10 / HLG support paired with treVolo sound system further enhanced by Bongiovi DPS delivering theatre-like experience. With ultrafast refresh rate of 240Hz and low response time of 4ms, immerse in your gameplay like never before. Styled in dynamic design to complement any décor, X3000i’s 4LED light source provides over 10+ years of vibrant colors and gorgeous picture quality

World’s first 4LED 4K HDR Projector for Ultrarealistic Cineplex like Experience

3,000 lumens of high brightness lets you watch in relatively bright settings where lights may be on. The LED’s higher color saturation provides more chromatic luminance which allows the eye to perceive brighter visual images more so than with traditional lamp-based projectors. 4LED (RGBB) also has an additional blue LED to boost optical efficiency, increasing brightness output by 8 – 12% compared to a generic LED (RGB) light source.

Ultra-Reality with 100% DCI-P3

Enhancing optimal colors for precise picture quality, X3000i delivers 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy, which is 1.3 times wider than Rec709 unlocks stunning image performance with crisp visuals and sharp details for your ultimate home cinema enjoyment.

Big and Clear in 4K Resolution

True 4K (3840 x 2160) 8.3 million distinctive pixels augmented by HDR10 renders each with amazing colours and sharpness to enjoy life-like experience

Powered by AndroidTV

When it comes to rich entertainment content, the Google certified Android TV feature ensures access to 5000+ apps and an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, sports for ultimate home entertainment. The intuitive and well organized interface makes content exploration easy and quick. You don’t need two separate remotes to control your projector and AndroidTV. BenQ’s smart home projector remote control also features dedicated buttons for Game Mode, Bongiovi DPS, Google Voice Search and Google Assistant for quick and easy access.

High Contrast Dark Scenes

HDR-PRO™ and Dynamic Black technology delivers vivid contrast and realistic shadows even in the dark splendor of the scenery as its algorithm optimizes light power* and adjust appropriate brightness shown on screen to reveal fine points in blackness.

*The optimizes light power can be enabled when users switch to “SmartEco Mode”.

Balanced Adjustment Enhanced

Black detail adjustment presents even more visibility in dark areas depending on your gaming needs.

Surreal audio with 10W treVolo speakers and Bongiovi DPS technology

X3000i delivers incredible audio performance with 10W treVolo chamber speakers. The audio is further enchanced by Bongiovi DPS technology which is an algorithm that delivers an exciting, premium audio experience to all of your audio devices. By using the new Bongiovi DPS Technology, there is added depth, clarity, definition, presence, and an enhanced stereo field imaging for a more immersive cinematic audio experience. X3000i provides 4 preset sound modes (Cinema, Music, Sports, Game) for respective Use cases

Full-Range Speakers

The balance among bass, midrange, and trebles reproduces the expansive sound field and expressive sound details.

Virtual 3D Surround

Bongiovi DPS technology enhances stereo field imaging for better sound directivity and detail processing.

Dedicated Audio Modes

Fine-tuned audio modes are dedicated to bringing out the sound details, distances, and directions of various game types and scenes.

A Portal for Any Gaming Cave

Intelligent user-friendly design sleekly completes any décor. Adjustable feet with optional magnetic upside-down positioning allows hassle-free setup on your chosen surface.

Superior Low Lag Time

Ultra-fast 4.16ms* low input lag under fast mode conveys your sights, hearings, and thoughts into actions with zero delay.

*Input lag is 4ms: 1080p@240Hz, 8ms: 1080p@120Hz, and 16ms: 4K@60Hz

1.3X Zoom for Variable Throw Distances

X3000i maximizes available space with a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment in tight quarters.

2D Keystone for Perfect Alignment

2D keystone eliminates trapezoid effects when projecting from diverse room locations for ease and convenience.

Expand Your Gaming Universe

BenQ lets you game on your terms. Whether it’s a Sony PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X, dual HDMI 2.0b* universal connectivity has you covered.

*HDMI 2.0b is 4K 60Hz / 1080p 120Hz compatible for gaming

X3000i’s audio return port with eARC allows Dolby Atmos and 7.1-channel audio pass through, transmitting the original-full resolution audio signal to your sound system via one HDMI cable. Enjoy gaming in a 360° sound bubble with a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Full Cinematic Immersion for RPG

As you explore richly detailed ancient ruins, fully experience both the subtlety and intensity of the virtual world with powerful orchestral music and resounding bass.

FPS Mode Marks Nearby Threats

Refined details reveal enemies hiding in shadows, while enhanced virtual surround stereo locates gunshots, explosions, and approaching footsteps to warn you of threats.

SPG Mode for Real-Time Thrills

Incredibly realistic green grass, diverse skin tones, vibrant uniforms, and accentuated details complement announcers’ clear voices and the roar of the crowd for heart-pounding sports action.

Different but Same, Every Game

BenQ-exclusive Auto Color Calibration balances WRGBYCM color points for consistent vibrant color, overcoming natural RGB decay over the lamp lifespan. Enjoy superior 4LED color brightness, high contrast, and saturation for 10+ years* of gorgeous gaming quality, with spectacular colors lasting long after you’ve mastered your current gaming challenges.

*Based on 5 hours average daily use, 20,000 hours translates to 10+ years of enjoyment and savinng


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