KRK ROKIT CLASSIC 8 2-Way 8″ Aramid Glass Composite Woofer


1″ Soft
Dome Tweeter Active Studio Monitor Power Output
100 Watts, HF 25 Watts LF 75 Watts

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The CLASSIC 8 is an active (self-powered) two-way studio monitor that utilizes a 1″ textile soft dome tweeter paired with a 8″ glass aramid woofer. The built-in power amplifiers provide a total of 100 watts of power, with a 75 watt amp driving the woofer, and a 25 watt amp for the tweeter.

  • 100 watt, 8″ active studio monitor / Self-powered. Amps matched to drivers; no external amp hassles
  • Custom bi-amped, class A/B amplifiers / Provide high headroom and low distortion
  • Heavy-duty enclosure / Durable
  • Front-firing port / Allows placement flexibility (i.e. near walls) without interference from a rear-firing port
  • Dedicated low and high frequency level adjustment controls / Allows you to optimize the monitor’s response to better match the room acoustics and the user’s personal preferences



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