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Electro-voice QRX-212H75-B (Dual 12-inch two-way, 75° x 50° asymmetrical HF with DH7, 600 watts, passive/biamp, flying, horizontal mount speaker system, black)

Original price was: ₹372,780.00.Current price is: ₹370,780.00.

Fully rotatable asymmetrical horn for use in any
cabinet position
▪ Tapered Transducer Drive provides smooth coverage
▪ Available in black and by special order in white
▪ Low ceiling height requirement
▪ Externally switchable biamped or passive operation



The QRx-212H/75 is two-way, full-range loudspeaker
system incorporating two 12-inch woofers and a 3-inch
voice coil compression driver on an asymmetrical 75-
degree x 50-degree fully rotatable constant-directivity
horn. In factory delivered position when used
horizontal, this provides a 15-degree up/35-degree
down vertical coverage pattern. The multi-angle
cabinet design allows this system to easily conform to
limited space clearances. The fully rotatable horn
allows optimal coverage regardless of cabinet position.
The configuration of horn in the center of two LF
transducers each driven by different frequencies
provides smooth horizontal coverage. The
QRx-212H/75 is a good solution for medium size
rooms and audiences as a main PA providing moderate
levels with good bass response and added punch in
the lower and mid frequencies, satisfying most DJ and
live band applications. The asymmetrical horn can
allow a single box to direct the high frequencies as
needed, as well as streamline multi-cabinet arrays
when rotated by extending horizontal coverage while
minimizing overlapping and allowing tighter packs
between the cabinets. The small height requirement
makes it ideal for dance floor installations. The
addition of the QRx118 or QRx218 subwoofer
completes the perfect high level dance rig. The M212
processing module for EV’s Modular Precision Series
Amplifiers Provides optimized processing for full-range
use, or in any combination with QRx subwoofers.
Technical specifications
System Configuration: Dual Two-Way, Full-Range
Freq. Response (-3 dB): 75 Hz – 15 kHz1
, 55 Hz – 15 kHz2
Freq. Response (-10 dB): 52 Hz – 18 kHz1
, 45 Hz – 18 kHz2
Recommended High-Pass Freq.: 45 Hz, 12 dB/octave minimum
Recommended Crossover Freq.
1200 Hz, 24 dB/octave
Axial Sensitivity, SPL: Passive: 100 dB (1 watt@1m)
Biamp (LF/HF): 100/112 dB (1
Max Calculated SPL: Long Term: 127 dB
Peak: 133 dB
Continuous Power Handling: Passive – 600 watts
Bi-amp – 600 watts, 75 watts
Peak Power Handling: Passive – 2,400 watts
Bi-amp – 2,400 watts, 300 watts
LF Transducer: 1 x DL12ST
1 x DL12BFH
HF Transducer: DH7, 3-inch Titanium Diaphragm
Coverage: 75° Hor, 15° up, 35° down
Impedance: Passive: ohms
Biamp: 6HF – 8 ohms, LF – 6 ohms
Enclosure: 13-Ply Birch Plywood
Grille: Powder-Coated 16-GA Steel,
Fabric Backed
Connectors: (2) Neutrik Speakon NL4’s
Dimensions (H x W x D): 15.5 in x 39.0 in x 14.9 in
(394 mm x 990 mm x 37 8mm)
Net Weight: 84 lb (38 kg)
Shipping Weight: 92 lb (42 kg)