Electro-voice QRX-212/75-W (Dual 12-inch two-way, 75° x 50° asymmetrical HF with DH7, 600 watts, passive/biamp, flying, white)


The two-way full-range loudspeaker system shall be the ElectroVoice model QRx-212/75.



The QRx-212/75 is two-way, full-range loudspeaker system
incorporating two 12-inch woofers and a 3-inch voice coil
compression driver on an asymmetrical 75-degree x 50-degree
fully rotatable constant-directivity horn. In factory delivered position,
this provides a 15-degree up/35-degree down vertical coverage
pattern. The trapezoidal cabinet design allows this main PA system
cabinet to easily conform to multi-cabinet arrangements or limited
space clearances without sacrificing internal volume. The fully
rotatable horn means regardless of cabinet position, pattern control
is user-determined. The QRx-212/75 is a good solution for medium
size rooms and audiences as a main PA providing moderate levels
with good bass response and added punch in the lower and mid
frequencies, satisfying most DJ and live band applications. The
asymmetrical horn can allow a single box to more adequately direct
the high frequencies as needed, as well as streamline multi-cabinet
arrays when rotated by extending horizontal coverage while
minimizing overlapping and allowing tighter packs between the