Tannoy VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH


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The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH is a 600-Watt passive column array loudspeaker ideally suited for challenging acoustic and architecturally sensitive spaces in speech only applications, including, airports, train stations, conference centers, houses of worship, stadium concourses and museums. The heart of the loudspeaker system is its asymmetrical vertical dispersion, which gently shapes the acoustic coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis. VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH’s Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST) also facilitates quick and easy installation, with less need for tilting for optimal mounting. EN 54-24 compliance makes the
VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH the perfect choice where safety is a top priority. VLS 7 (EN54)-WH packages this performance in a slender and narrow profile, aesthetically refined, powder coated aluminum chassis with curved stainless steel grille.