SAMSUNG SH37R Stretched Display


Engage customers with powerful content in a slim, versatile package.

  • Widescreen 16:4.5 stretch
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  • Widescreen 16:4.5 stretched display
  • Provide excellent visibility 24/7 through non-glare panel and 700 nit brightness in any lighting condition
  • Allow display flexibility and customize content from portrait to landscape.
  • Maximize space and optimize content

    Digital signage today needs to be versatile and cost effective with an emphasis on maximizing space efficiency. Samsung SHR displays with 16:4.5 wide screen stretched display offer the ability to effectively communicate information in small, narrow spaces.

    Deliver sharp images in various lighting conditions

    Samsung SHR displays deliver vibrant, realistic images offering an unparalleled visual experience. Featuring brightness levels of up to 700nit, these displays deliver the clearest, richest images regardless of lighting conditions.

    Maximize viewer engagement in a minimum amount of space

    Samsung SHR displays feature a slim profile with a depth of only 44.8mm which allows you to maximize available space. This enables the display to be installed in areas where space is limited and allows content to blend seamlessly.