OPTOMA (ZH350) Ultra-compact high brightness Full HD laser projector



Bright Full HD 1080p DuraCore laser projector

3600 lumens and IP6X certified

Small form factor for easy installation

1.1x zoom, 360-degree and portrait projection

Reduced power consumption for a long life span

DuraCore laser technology delivers 30,000 hours maintenance free laser light source

External power supply

More reliability, portability and energy efficiency



The ZH350 is one of Optoma’s most compact and hassle-free Full HD 1080p DuraCore laser projectors to date. Designed for maintenance-free continuous operation, this 3600-lumen projector delivers powerful image performance with flexible installation features and extensive connectivity options in a sleek, compact form factor, up to 34% smaller than previous Optoma models.¹

To support Optoma’s commitment to sustainability, the ZH350 cuts power consumption by up to 45% compared to Optoma’s lamp-based projectors.² Energy-saving DuraCore laser technology ensures a long product lifespan of up to 30,000 hours without the need for additional lamps, requires minimal maintenance, and is mercury-free, further lowering its carbon footprint.

An added benefit, the ZH350 features an external power supply offering more reliability, portability and energy efficiency.

Energy-saving technology

Reduce power consumption by up to 45% compared to Optoma’s lamp-based solutions.

Reduced carbon footprint

Compact product and packaging size allows 2x more products carried per container, resulting in more efficient logistics to help further reduce carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging contains up to 97% recyclable materials.


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