LG PH30N CineBeam LED Projector with Built-in Battery 1280 x 720 RGB LED


Ultimate Portability & Easy Usability

Keep this portable LG LED projector by your side almost anywhere, anytime.


Up to 100 (254cm) of HD Resolution

Experience Stunning Visual on Large Screen

LG PH30N provides the clarity of images in 720p high definition. Experience a cinematic viewing environment with the 100 (254cm) screen.
Single-hand Grip Size

Compact and Lightweight

The convenient, compact design makes this projector easy to bring with you anywhere. Just carry it in your briefcase or handbag and enjoy using it later.
Built-In Battery + Wireless Connection

Triple Wireless Perfection

Together with wireless smartphone mirroring, Bluetooth sound, and the built-in battery which lasts up to 2 hours*, you can free yourself from messy cables.