EDIFIED MF3 Portable Voice Amplifier Black


  1. 3 watts (RMS) output power suitable for indoors and outdoors
  2. Up to 20 hours continuous use
  3. Precise voice pick-up and effective anti-howling
  4. Flexible wearing methods and pretty low weight


Inspiration from Sling Bag

The design is derived from fashion bags, accompanied with the lanyard, stylish and natural.

Easy and Comfortable

The smooth arc design makes it comfortable for wearing around the waist. Equipped with a 1.4m adjustable lanyard and the belt buckle, it can be hung on the shoulder, across the body, or around the waist, easier to carry around.

Caring of Your Vocal Cords

No need of shouting, just speak delicately. It spreads your voice clearly and loud enough to your audience.

Low Weight, High Energy

The unit is small and portable yet with big sound output.

3-inch Driver with High Performance

With high magnetic density and high sensitivity, the 78mm mid-treble driver generates strong output. It can cover large spaces and is even lighter.

Long Lasting Playtime

With the professional power management system, the 2200mAh lithium polymer battery supports up to 20 hours of continuous use.

Anti-Howling Microphone

The standard microphone with 9.7mm diameter features high sensitivity and low distortion. With the pick-up range calibrated, it can effectively reduce the interference of environmental sound and make the output sound clearer.

Enjoy Music

Through the 3.5mm AUX jack, connect the amplifier with a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or MP3 player, and enjoy your favorite music.


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