B&O BeoVision Contour 55″ frame/cabinet-SLIVER|B.A|GOLDTONE


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Its design is simple yet refined. As soon as you turn it on, it captures your attention. With the Beosound Stage’s 3-channel and Dolby Atmos speaker technology, combined with the absolute black and realistic colors of the latest generation, LG’s OLED screen will captivate you until it’s time to turn it off again.

The name “Contour” refers to the imposing aluminum frame that frames the OLED image and powerful sound area, and is an expression of the Beovision Contour’s unique, minimalist design identity. The distinctive floor stand and aluminum frame are expressions of a unique, minimalist design identity. It is stripped of all non-essentials and is fully focused on giving you the viewing experience you want based on perfect picture and sound.


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