BenQ Gaming Projector X3000i | 4K HDR 4LED Immersive Open World Gaming Projector


4K UHD; 3000 ANSI lumens; HDMIX3
(HDCP2.2); (x1) ,USB Type A-1; (x2) 5W
Chamber speaker; 380 x 127 x 263mm;
4.2 kg



Infinite Immersion in Vast Open Worlds

Our most immersive gaming projector, X3000i overwhelms you with exquisitely cinematic visuals, expressive sound, and low input lag, unleashing your senses to explore new worlds.

Reality Revealed

Breathe life into every detail of scenery and skin tones. X3000i’s true-to-life visuals assimilate you fully into the game world.

  • ig and Clear in 4K Resolution

    True 4K UHD with 8.3 million distinct pixels renders each fiber of hair and clothing with subtle highlights and rich texture, enhanced by HDR for superb contrast and scenic depth.

    Rich Panoply of Cinematic Colors

    BenQ CinematicColor leverages the digital film industry’s DCI-P3 gamut to reproduce authentic colors, surrounding you in the colorful pageantry of a movie-like gaming world.

    Slight Changes as the Light Changes

    Discover slight changes from scene to scene in both bright and dark landscapes. Sense the shifting shadows closing in with countless shades of light strewn upon magnificent lands.

    High Contrast Dark Scenes

    HDR-PRO and Dynamic Black technology deliver vivid contrast and realistic shadows even in dark scenery by optimizing light power* and adjusting brightness according to on-screen content to reveal fine details in the gloom. (*Enabled in SmartEco mode)



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