SAMSUNG QH55 (55”) 4K UHD Standalone Display


QLED Signage that delivers exceptional picture quality through quantum dot composition.



  • Accurate true-to-life color, with one billion different variations available
  • Enhanced graphic performance and content security within a powerful Tizen 3.0 OS
  • Uninterrupted operations without any risk of distracting burn-in or color variation
  • Flexible portrait / landscape configurations and a bezel-free design
  • Samsung’s QHH Series QLED Smart Signage

    With the introduction of its new quantum-dot powered QHH Series QLED Signage, Samsung has elevated the traditional content experience with more lifelike quality guaranteed to deliver an unexpected viewing environment that resonates. The QHH Series displays can showcase more than one billion colors at 100 percent color volume, and produce deep blacks, pristine whites and sharp hues that make any picture pop. And with portrait and landscape configurations available, businesses can customize the displays to meet their unique operational needs and reach the widest audience possible without any added hassle or expense. Through this next-generation presentation, Samsung’s QHH Series displays deliver the enhanced brilliance, detail and realism necessary to cut through the clutter and fuel interactive, ongoing business growth.

  • Samsung’s QLED Signage: Unlock new Growth Opportunities

    As businesses seek new ways to attract audiences and improve efficiency in increasingly-crowded environments, many are turning to advanced digital signage as a way to break through the clutter. By integrating quantum dot visual refinement technology, Samsung’s QLED Signage offers these businesses an even greater competitive edge. An immersive high-quality picture creates a more memorable, attractive and buzzworthy customer experience. Beyond their external communication benefits, the QLED Signage displays additionally reinforce business branding through accurate and clean logo and color presentation. Through this diverse host of features, Samsung’s QLED Signage is the perfect addition to generate additional revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Showcase One Billion Colors with Optimal Precision

    Through compatibility with a variety of color spectra, the QHH Series displays achieve 100 percent color volume* at optimal integrity for one billion different colors. This enhanced presentation brings even the most subtle visual details forward at varying levels of brightness, and fosters more realistic content within any indoor environment. As a result, retailers and other indoor businesses reliant on true-to-life product presentation can better drive purchase intent and improve customer satisfaction.

  • 4K Mainstream Proff Display for AVSI & Digital Signage Projects with New symmetrical,
    slim Design/ 24×7-700nits Brightness/ Intelligent UHD upsclalling/ Web Browsing /4000:1
    Contrast/ HDMI / DVI/ RS232 / USB / RJ45 / Wi-Fi /Built-in-Speakers /EDGE LED/ Non
    Glare Panel with Minimum 25% Haze/ HDMI Loop Out/ Tizen 4.0/ 1.7GHz Quad-Core
    CPU/ 8GB Storage/ 8MS Response time/ Samsung Workspace-Office 365/PC Less
    Conference/ VM Ware Horizon/ EMC class B compliant/ IP5X for Dust Proofing / HDR+