SAMSUNG QB85 (85”) Commercial 4K UHD Display


  • UHD picture quality with ultra-realistic detail and clarity that amplifies content
  • Integrated TIZEN 3.0 operating system that improves overall business performance
  • Reinforced security measures that protect business and customer data


Through intelligent UHD upscaling technology, Samsung’s QBR-B series performs edge restoration and noise reduction to deliver UHD picture quality even with lower resolution content. Backed by Tizen 4.0, the QBR-B series also provides reinforced capability with multiple web formats and secured protection. Additionally, its new slim design simplifi es wall mounting and ensures seamless installation.

  • Engage customers with lifelike images through ultra high-defi nition resolution
  • Deliver UHD-level picture quality even with lower resolution content through innovative UHD upscaling technology and unique picture-enhancing features
  • Dynamic Crystal Color allows viewers to enjoy a wider spectrum of colors, up to one billion shades
  • New symmetrical, slim design simplifi es installation and complements any environment.
  • Secure, PC-free operation through Knox and rigid three-layer protection

Industry trend

With visual display technology continually improving, viewers have developed an ever-growing expectation for better – and bigger – picture quality. Users, more than ever, want to captivate customers with truly lifelike images and gain a competitive edge over their industry peers with best-in-class displays. This is reflected in the fact that UHD resolution continues to grow in popularity, becoming an essential way for brands to impress customers amid a wider variety of stunning, aesthetical visuals and content. This trend is coupled with demand for larger screen sizes, particularly in the 75-inch and above category, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves and display content in a more impactful way than ever before