SAMSUNG QB24R (24”) FHD Small Display


Enhanced communication in a compact display



  • 24” FHD, non-glare display delivers clear content
  • Compact and slim design enables efficient use of space
  • Embedded MagicINFO S player supports seamless content playback.
  • Enhanced communication in a compact display

    Samsung’s QB24R small display enables personalized and more impactful communication through its compact and versatile design. An all-in-one solution designed for professional use, the QB24R improves the operational efficiency of content, while also ensuring reliable performance for any business use.

    Crisp and visible content

    Samsung’s QB24R is enhanced by a non-glare panel which always delivers clear images and text regardless of any ambient light. This essential feature is supported by reliable 16/7 operation, suitable for professional use.

    Slim design

    The compact and slim design of the QB24R allows for efficient space utilization, even in compact locations. A sleek rear design makes the display optimal for wall mounting while the connectivity, content play and device controls are easy to operate.

    Powerful content playback

    With an embedded MagicINFO S player, backed by TIZEN, the QB24R allows efficient and seamless playback without any external media player. SSSP also allows easy content development through reinforced compatibility with multiple web formats.