Pioneer RMX-1000


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Club quality and fully customizable remix station unit The RMX-1000 can be used with mixers, CDJs, and laptops in the booth, or with a PC in the studio for recording and producing. The unit’s user-friendly, intuitive controls are divided into four categories: X-Pad with exclusive Pitch control Individual sample buttons on the X-Pad manipulate the unit’s drum samples. You can load sample sounds, snap each tap of the sample pads to the nearest beat with the Quantize button or use the exclusive Pitch knob to alter the pitch and add even more character to each repeated beat. Release FX Seamlessly exit complex effect combinations and return to the original track. Back Spin Echo and Vinyl Brake allow you to choose exactly how to return to normal play. Isolator FX Change the main audio input rhythm and timbre using hi-mid and low-frequency bands. 3 effects are loaded into the dials for even more flexibility: Cut/Add, Trans/Roll, and Gate/Drive. Scene FX Build up and break down tracks by combining ten types of effects. Use the top section to build with effects like Noise, Echo, and Spiral Up or the bottom section to break down, cutting sounds with Crush Echo, Spiral Down, or Reverb Down.


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