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Lab Gruppen Lucia 120/2 Amp with DSP 2x60W/8ohm


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LUCIA 120/2 Incorporates Ease of Install with 2 X 60 W of Decentralized Power in a Compact Energy Star Compliant Amplifier. Lab Gruppen’s innovative LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) brings superior audio performance and extraordinary flexibility to a decentralized approach in AV systems design. Power, processing, control and I/O are conveniently placed exactly where they are needed. In many AV applications requiring consistently outstanding performance, LUCIA offers a logical, cost-efficient and scalable solution that often eliminates the complications and added expense of a centralized equipment room. LUCIA amplifiers incorporate a digital, firmware-controlled front end coupled to a robust, durable and highly efficient Lab Gruppen output stage, all of which make LUCIA the best-sounding and most reliable compact amplifier in its category.