Electro voice ZX3-90PI-W weatherized, permanent installation, 12″ two-way loudspeaker system, integral stand mount, 90 X 50 horn, White


Electro-Voice ZX3-90PI Features:
DVX3121 12” LF Transducer with Forced Air Cooling
ND2 2” Voice Coil, 1” Exit Neodymium CompressionDriver
90° x 50° Coverage Pattern
600W Continuous (2400W Peak) Power Handling
High Sensitivity, 131 dB Maximum SPL
Adjustable Monitor Angle (45° or 55°)
2 Anchor Plates for Single Stud Fittings and 7Integral Suspension Points
Available in Black or White
All Weather IEC 529, IP44, & MIL810 Environmental Specs



The Electro-Voice ZX3 offers an unprecedented level of lightweight 12″ two-way loudspeaker performance for the widest variety of portable and installed applications. Featuring the new DVX3121 12″ woofer and the ND2 neodymium compression driver, ZX3 continues the groundbreaking innovation of the Electro-Voice DVX woofer program, joining the ranks of EVs ZX series between the 8″ ZX1 and the 15″ ZX5.

When it comes to problem/solution versatility, ZX3 is truly in a class of its own. In addition to the highest performance drivers available, a complete range of optional accessories, including the CB-5 array kit, MB3 wall/ceiling mount bracket, HA-3 handle adapter for use with the VSA-1 strong arm mount, and TCA-1 truss clamp adapter, allow ZX3 to be easily and precisely configured in multiple box arrays, mounted on truss or tripods, deployed as monitors, or used as system mains with a subwoofer.

Housed in a stylish yet rugged injection molded enclosure, ZX3 shares the same functionality as the larger ZX5, with 90° x 50° or 60° x 60° horn dispersion patterns, 45° or 55° monitor angles, passive or bi-amp operation, and seven M8 rigging points. ZX3 is available in a weatherized version and in either black or white finish. The optional HDC-3 heavy duty stackable cover is also available.

Electro-Voice ZX3-90PI Specifications:
Frequency Response (-3dB): 58Hz-15kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB): 48Hz-20kHz
Rec. Hipass Frequency: 50Hz
Axial Sensitivity: 97dB (1W/1m)
Max. Calculated SPL: 131 dB
Horizontal Coverage: 90°
Vertical Coverage: 50°
Power Handling (Passive): 600W continuous, 1200W program, 2400W peak
LF Power Handling (Biamp): 500W continuous, 1000W program, 2000Wpeak
HF Power Handling (Biamp): 40W continuous, 80W program, 160W peak
LF Transducer: DVX3121, 12″ driver
HF Transducer: ND2, 1″ exit Neodymium compression driver
Crossover Frequency: 2kHz
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 6.2 ohms
Connectors: 2 Conductor SJO Cable and Gland Nut
Enclosure Material: Polypropylene structural foam
Suspension: Enclosure has locations for 4 single-stud attachment plates and 10 forged steel eyebolts – 2 on top, 2 on bottom, 2 on side, and 1 on rear of enclosure
Grille: Polyester powder coated, 16GA Galvanized steel, with rotatable logo
Dimensions (H x W x D): 24.14″ x 15.64″ x 14.26″
Net Weight: 43.7 lbs
Shipping Weight: 48.6 lbs