Electro voice AB-ZE


The AB-ZE Array Bracket is designed to fit the EVID 3.2, EVID 4.2, EVID 6.2, ZX1i-90, and the ZX1i-100 loudspeakers.



Electro Voice’s 301918001 AB-ZE Array Bracket Assembly for EVID or ZX1I. It suspends these loudspeaker arrays by using a unique design that minimizes assembly time. It can be used with either two our four loudspeakers to create a 180° or 360° horizontal array.

Universal array bracket mounting system for up to four ZX1i or EVID3.2, 4.2 or 6.2 speaker
systems in any combination. Enables either pole or threaded rod mounting, Includes one
piece bracket, mounting hardware and safety plate.