Ascendo Immersive CCRM 6


Active Networked DSP Loudspeaker with printable cloth and aluminum or wood frame with LED

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The CCRM6  presents itself in small to medium-sized rooms as the state of today’s technology. With an efficiency of 95 dB/1 W it lives up to its name. Constant sound pressure levels up to 114 dB and peak levels of 119 dB pose for the CCRM6  no great difficulty. Experience movies or music as if you were on spot.


Speaker type Time-coherent 6,5“ Coax One Point Source
Principle Vented
SPL 114dB Cont. / 119dB Peak
Frequency range 80Hz to 20kHz (-3 dB)
Sensitivity 95dB / 1W
Power rating / Impedance 350W / 8 Ω
Width x Height x Depth 300 x 490 x 100mm
Weight 6kg