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Front loaded enclosures provide an optimal combination of low frequency extension, bass articulation and temporal accuracy for high impact sound reinforcement applications. The low distortion bass reflex port design utilised in the TBV118L reinforces the bass musical instrument frequencies and steep cut-off slopes ensure an effective acoustic transition for use with TBV123 line array elements. For low-frequency bass extension, the recommended cabinet ratio consists of one TBV118L subwoofer per 3 TBV123 elements. For reverse cardioid subwoofer configurations, multiples of three TBV118L enclosures are recommended with two front-firing enclosures and one rear-firing enclosure.



The TBV118L is a compact passive single 18″ 2,800-Watt front-loaded subwoofer that is ideally suited for a broad range of speech and music sound reinforcement applications in both fixed, portable and touring audio systems. The TBV118L is designed to work in conjunction with LAKE DSP and LAB GRUPPEN amplification, providing optimal FOH performance, as well as considerable flexibility to readily adapt to varying venue requirements.