SENNHEISER MZ-2 Accessory Set for MKE-2 Lavalier Microphone


The Sennheiser MZ-2 is an accessory set for the MKE-2 lavalier microphone. This set consists of two tie clips, two pin clips, two windscreens, one foam windscreen, and a carrying case for all of these little components.

Windscreen aids in reducing wind and pop noises
Pin clip performs same function as a tie pin
Lapel clips enable the user to clip the lavalier microphone to clothing rather than piercing a hole in it
Small carrying case holds all of the above components


Key Features
  • For Use with MKE-2 Lavalier
  • Two Mesh Grilles, One Black & One Beige
  • Two Tie Clips, One Black and One Beige
  • Two Vampire Clips, One Black & One Beige


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