MX-2703 HDMI SWITCHER 3 X 1 (HDMI 3 Input to 1 Outputs)


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MX 3 x 1 Ports HDMI Switch allows a single HDMI sink to access multiple sources. The Switcher allows 3 HDMI devices to be switched easily through one HDMI compatible monitor or projector. The Switcher can also be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal. 3 Ports HDMI Switch Lead Inputs: 3 x HDMI 19 Pin Female. Outputs 1 x HDMI 19 Pin Male. Multifunctional on switching, intelligent or mechanical High performance up to 2.5Gbps Support 3D Support 12bit per channel (36bit all channel) deep color. Full 1080p, support with HDMI1.1, 1.2, 1.3,1.3b Supports up to 25M HDMI cable at each side Automatic selection of input when HDMI source is switch on or manual selection via push switch on main unit. Contains automatic switching sensor (plus manual switch) to detect the active HDMI device. Connect 5 HDMI devices to a single HDMI TV Plug and Play. Include remote control and auto switching technology. Auto switches intelligently between up to 5 HDMI sources to one HD (high definition) display. It can auto detect and switch itself over to the first available input source, or you can select the input source by pressing the button on the unit directly. Our HDMI Switches route high-definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the two sources to display unit. Two or three inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to three high-definition video sources, such as satellite systems and HD DVD players. The 5 Ports HDMI Switch output sends the high-definition audio/video signals to a high-definition display.


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