Revel GEM 2 (Ultima2 Loudspeaker Series, 3-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker)


Optimized for a range of applications, The Gem2 is extremely versatile yet sonically uncompromising. Built to the exacting standards of the entire Ultima2 family, any mixing and matching will yield the same rich tonal balance and timbre-matched dispersion characteristics.

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The Gem2 can be used as a high-quality front loudspeaker, either on available pedestals or wall-mounted using the included bracket. In two-channel or multi-channel applications, the Gem2 is the loudspeaker for solutions. And thanks to their low profile wall-mounting, the Gem2 makes them especially attractive for use with the wide range of state-of-the-art flat-panel televisions.

General Specifications

Frequency Response -3 dB from 70 Hz to 45 kHz ±0.5 dB from 75 Hz to 18 kHz ±1.0 dB from 72 Hz to 20 kHz
Height 24.2″ (61.5 cm)
Width 12″ (30.5 cm)
Depth 5.4″ (13.7 cm)
Weight 32 lb (14.5 kg) / Shipping weight 38 lb (17.2 kg)
Crossover Frequencies Three-way, high-order acoustic response @ 400 Hz and 2.3 kHz
Finishes Piano black or mahogany finish
High Frequency Driver Components 1″ (2.5 cm) beryllium tweeter
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms (nominal) 3.4 ohms (minimum)
Low Frequency Extension -10 dB at 48 Hz -6 dB at 60 Hz -3 dB at 70 Hz
Low Frequency Driver Components 8″ (20 cm) titanium cone woofer
Mid-frequency Driver Components 4″ (10 cm) titanium cone midrange
Sensitivity 86.4 dB SPL with 2.83 V @ 1m (4 pi anechoic)
Optional Accessories Optional Tabletop Stand for Gem2 Adds 1.6″ (4.1 cm) to Gem2 height • Optional Floor Pedestal for Gem2 Adds 46″ (117 cm) to Gem2 height • Piano black finish only