Fiero Jack Mono To Jack Mono 3 Mtr TS(6.35mm) Guitar/Instrument Cable Unbalanced


  • 20 AWG (16/0.20mm) x 2 core ATC copper conductor, PE insulated, core twisted in a circular form, Inner sheathed with moisture Proof Polymer, braid shielded (60%) with ATC copper, outer Jacketed with Matt finish Rugged Flexible PVC.


Features 20 AWG Microphone Cable is our Installation range of Microphone Cable. A very high Cross-Sectional Area of Annealed Tinned Copper conductor (16 wires of 0.20mm – 0.50sq mm) and Braid Shielding with Tinned Copper Wires (112 wires of 0.10mm) gives a comprehensive Shield achieving coverage of around 80%. It gives excellent performance in long runs of conduits in installations of auditoriums, shopping malls, factories etc. Advantages Reasonably clear sound due to big cross-sectional area and ATC copper conductor. Braid Shield Gives complete shielding thereby eliminating any chances of cable noise. Cable Ruggedness & toughness helps the cable to be pulled in long runs of conduits. Applications Installation of Microphone signals in Auditoriums, Schools, Shopping Malls etc.


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