Epson EB-PU1008B Business Projector WUXGA 3LCD Laser with 4K Enhancement


Premium, compact large-venue laser projector with 4K Enhancement1

The EB-PU1008B offers larger-than-life images from a sleek, powerful projector that’s easy to install.

Delivering best-in-class color brightness2, with 8,500 lumens of color brightness and 8,500 lumens of white brightness3, this 3-chip, 3LCD projector features a virtually maintenance-free 20,000 hour laser light source and air filter4.

WUXGA resolution and 4K Enhancement Technology1 (1920 x 1200 x 2) mean you get crystal-clear, lifelike images. Built-in NFC function5 reduces the time to install and commission multiple projectors. And a clip-on optional external camera allows access to powerful automated tools including auto color calibration6, screen matching of multiple projectors7, tiling assist for edge blends8, and the stacking assist9 function.

    • 8,500 lumens color/white brightness3
    • Native WUXGA with 4K Enhancement Technology1
    • Laser light source — up to 20,000 hours4 of use
    • 10 optional powered lenses
    • High dynamic range (HDR)
    • Achieve Image size from 50” to 1000” diagonal
    • Standard throw lens ELPLM08
    • Lens not included with projector


Superior image quality

The 8,500 lumens EB-PU1008B projects clear whites, vivid details, deep blacks, defined shadows and high contrast imagery.

Compact and lightweight

The compact size makes this projector more transportable and saves storage space, providing size and cost advantages to projector fleets. The unobtrusive design allows it to blend seamlessly into most environments. Also available in white.

Interchangeable lens support

The EB-PU1008B accommodates different lenses to suit a wide range of projection environments, including a zero-offset ultra-short-throw lens. Epson supplies the projector as ‘body only’, without a lens, which puts the power to build the right projection solution, for the right application, in the hands of the user.

Designed for installation agility

Produce large-scale, extremely bright displays, even as part of multi-projector installations where edge blending, stacking and lens flexibility is key. Epson Projector Professional Tool makes advanced installation techniques easy, such as projection mapping, while the optional external camera module (ELPEC01) uses built-in processing for PC-free geometry correction for stacking. The EB-PU1008B also features NFC for multi-projector set up, making diagnostics and installations easier using the Epson Projector Config Tool.


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