Davone Studio Loudspeakers (pair)


Frequency response: 45-30.000Hz

Impedance: 4 Ohm, 3.7 ohm minimum at 200Hz

Sensitivity: 87 dB/2,83V/m

Max power: 80 W (IEC 268-5)



Davone Studio Loudspeakers –

All the performance and innovative engineering pioneered for the critically acclaimed Solo, and then some. The Studio pairs Davone’s special fiber blend 7” mid woofer with the unique ring radiator tweeter. Together with the high-performance cross over, they create a compellingly realistic sound stage out of all proportion to its size. A bespoke floor stand (available separately) will position the Studio at the perfect listening height.

Studio quality drivers –

Just like you would expect in a studio monitor, the Studio uses top of the range drivers. The special fiber blend woofer membrane gives exactly the right combination of stiffness and damping – which you’ll hear as exactly the right combination of finesse and control. The large symmetric magnetic motor gives high power handling. With the cabinet offering the optimal impedance for the woofer, the Studio delivers outstanding deep bass performance and a dynamic and detailed midrange.

About Davone –

Of rare quality and refinement, Davone has become synonymous for elegance and simple luxury. Drawn from the best of Danish traditions, Davone currently features 7 unique loudspeaker models, all evolved from the same philosophy. With full production and development based in Denmark, a country renowned for its design and acoustics, Davone has produced loudspeakers since 2007. With their unique combination of sound and design, Davone is a pioneer in high end audio. Davone is the brain-child of MSc Paul Schenkel, an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree in physics, a professional background in acoustics and a deep passion for mid century design and architecture.


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