Davone Moxie – Audiophile Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)


Moxie is synonymous with courage and you will understand the name when you hear it play. No matter what kind of music; the full and articulate bass, open midrange and clear highs will open up your music and the Moxie will make it all seem effortless.

Frequency response 45-22.000Hz
Impedance 4 ohm, 3.4 ohm minimum at 240Hz
Sensitivity 88 dB/2,83V/m
Recommended Amplifer power 50-100 Watt
Mid woofer 150mm, low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density. Symmetric motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry. Designed in Denmark




Danish loudspeakers Danish designed loudspeakers with the latest technology ensure the Moxie delivers on its promises: symmetric magnetic motor, solid aluminium basket, extensive venting, to name a few
Controlled directivity By integrating the cabinet design, cross over and drivers, the Moxie has a controlled directivity of sound, meaning the Moxie is less critical to the listening room acoustics
Hand build in Denmark Build by hand in the for Denmark typical small scale production adds a personal touch to each loudspeaker.
Finely tuned cross over The elaborate 24 dB/oct Linkwitz – Riley cross over gives more upper mid range energy for a more open sound and improves the tweeter high power performance.
Clean upper bass The acoustic design of the cabinet effectively reduces internal standing waves around 200Hz for improved clarity
Danish Design Carefully considered curves are the heart of each unique Davone design. The perfect rhythm and balance of the design visualize music.
Easy to place With the bass reflex port in the front the Moxie can be placed close to the rear wall or in a corner, thus taking up little precious floor space. And the discrete terminals, the beautiful curved back and the timeless look of the stainless steel base make the Moxie a little gem that may be admired from all angles.


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