Davone Audio Mojo Loudspeakers (pair)


Frequency response: 40 – 20.000 Hz (in room)

Impedance: 4 ohm, 2.6 ohm minimum at 55Hz

Sensitivity: 86 dB/2.83V/m

Max power: 80 W (IEC 18.3)

Woofer: 5 1/4” subwoofer, Xmax 22mm peak-peak

Tweeter: 3”, loaded with volume separate from woofer neodymium magnet

Cross over: 200 Hz

System: Bass reflex

Cabinet: 6 layer vacuum shaped veneer

Weight: 4.5kg / piece



360° Crossover –

The Mojo cross over plays an integral part in obtaining 360 degrees dispersion over the entire frequency range. Through careful schematic design and component quality selection, it divides and balances the sound to woofer and tweeter to make optimal use of both the natural and aided dispersion of both drivers.

Powerful Bass –

Thanks to the very low cross over point, Mojo can use a woofer optimized for low frequency reproduction only. Mounted invisible in the bottom, the woofer features a massive 33mm voice coil with a maximum deflection of 22mm peak-peak. The downward firing reflex conduct furthermore makes it easy to place Mojo in the listening environment.

Dispersion Cone –

The dispersion cone sits directly over the up-firing 3” full range neodymium magnet driver. By careful acoustic design of shape and dimensions, the dispersion cone complements the natural dispersion of the driver at higher frequencies. Together, driver and reflector obtain 360° dispersion.

Optional Stand –

While the Mojo Can be placed on a table or bookshelf, mounting the Mojo on its dedicated stand will optimize sound quality. Both low frequency performance and imaging are enhanced when the Mojo is mounted to its custom stand. The Mojo is bolted directly onto the stand for added rigidity. The heavy base plate increases mass while the substantial M6 spikes provide solid coupling to the floor. As an added convenience, speaker cables can be routed through the vertical upright. Stand dimensions 63 x 30cm
Of rare quality and refinement, Davone has become synonymous for elegance and simple luxury. Drawn from the best of Danish traditions, Davone currently features 7 unique loudspeaker models, all evolved from the same philosophy. With full production and development based in Denmark, a country renowned for its design and acoustics, Davone has produced loudspeakers since 2007. With their unique combination of sound and design, Davone is a pioneer in high end audio. Davone is the brain-child of MSc Paul Schenkel, an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree in physics, a professional background in acoustics and a deep passion for mid century design and architecture.


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