32 x 32 channels BLU link card for Soundcraft Si Series

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  • The BSS BLU-SI card is a 32 x 32 interface between Soundcraft Si Series consoles and the BLU Link digital audio bus. The card allows connection to a wide variety of Harman products equipped with a BLU Link interface such as BSS London BLU 800, dbx® PMC or Crown® PIP-BLU interfaces amongst others.

    BLU Link is a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels which using standard CAT 5e cabling gives a distance of 100m between compatible BLU Link enabled devices.


    • Works with all Soundcraft Si mixers, including the new Expression Series
    • 32×32 Channels
    • Select sequential banks of 32 BLU Link Channels
    • Transmits and receives from any BLU Link product including BSS Soundweb London, Crown PIP-BLU and dbx PMC
    • Works with standard CAT 5e cables