AMX Fg1010-320-Whfx AMX Multi-Format Wallplate Transmitters — W


The DXLink Multi-Format Wallplate Transmitter sends analog or digital video including HDMI/HDCP, along with embedded audio or supplemental analog audio to an Enova DGX digital media switcher. It receives power from the Enova DGX over the twisted pair cable and features both a multi-format analog port to support legacy devices and an HDMI port to support newer digital devices.



DXLink Multi-Format Wallplate Transmitter, HDCP compliant, white; compatible with DXLink HDMI Receiver Module, Enova DGX DXLink Twisted Pair Input Board, Enova DVX-3155HD/3156HD/2155HD (must be powered by AMX approved DXLink power source)


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